Can I use my current Travel Company to attend one of your Bowl Games?

Yes. Remember we are the event producer so you can travel with your preferred travel company. Chances are your travel provider has already worked with us. We never want to interfere with a current relationship you have developed with your travel company. When you apply, please provide us with the contact information of your current travel company.

Can Box 5 Events handle the travel for my group?

Yes. Box 5 has all the experience, relationships, and the proper insurances to take care of all your travel needs. Please contact us for a quote.

Is it required to participate in the concert, jazz, or marching band competitions?

No. Groups can choose to participate in one or all of these competitions. Only the parade and the mass band performances are required. Groups have the option to compete for placement or perform for rating or comments only.

I don’t have my entire group traveling and am lacking proper instrumentation. Should I still participate in the concert, jazz, or marching festival?

Yes! Our adjudicators are aware that most groups do not travel with perfect instrumentation. They will only evaluate what is there, not what isn’t. It is worth performing to get quality feedback and have our educationally focused adjudicators work with your band in the clinic after your performance.

Does Box 5 have an online Payment System?

Yes. Directors can choose to have parents pay Box 5 directly or you can make a group payment.

Do students get a ticket to the game?

Yes. For all of our bowls, students will get an assigned seat ticket for the game.

Does the Mass Band perform with prerecorded music?

No. Box 5 Events believes that your students should be the focus of the show. We want nothing to distract from that.

Do I need to have my exact numbers when I apply?

No, however your closest estimate will help get the process started quicker. Your final numbers are due 75 days before you depart for the event.