2019 Trip Information

June 4, 2019 - June 14, 2019


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  • Round Trip Flight (including meal)
  • Luggage (one bag plus instrument)
  • 9 nights’ accommodation in twin bedded rooms (with private bath etc) in 3 star hotels or better.
    • 1 night will be in 4 berth cabins on ferry (Portsmouth/Caen)
  • Breakfasts daily, 8 dinners, 3 lunches
  • All Transportation
    • Motor coaches
    • Oyster Card to the Underground (subway)
  • Guided tours of London and Paris throughout trip by local tour guides
  • Admission to all Museums and Activities including but not limited to:
    • Westminster Windsor Castel, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Stonehenge, Portsmouth Historic Dockyards, Muse d’Embarquement - Arromanches, Notre Dame, Palace of Versailles, Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower, (See itinerary for full list of activities)
  • One West End Theatre Production Ticket
  • Pre-trip music rehearsal
  • Instruction by esteemed music conductors.  (Conductors Bio's)
  • Three performances that include performance at Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial for the 75 anniversaries of the D-Day invasion.
  • All Music is provided
  • Travel Insurance

 Cost $4200 per student

(includes travel insurance)


Rehearsal Commitments

All band and choir members will be required to attend 2 pre-trip rehearsals.  Rehearsals are held in Orlando.  In addition to the two rehearsals, students are expected to practice and know their music before attending the rehearsals.  Chair placement will be made at the first rehearsal. 

Final rehearsal will be the day we depart.  Students will be dropped off for trip check in at 10am.  During this time students will have rehearsal, trip meeting, and meet their small group leader.  Lunch and transportation to the airport will be provided. 


Florida Musical Ambassadors provides instruction staff and other support staff to ensure the safety and well-being of each student during the trip. In additional to Florida Musical Ambassadors Staff, Box 5 Events will provide logistical support staff throughout the trip.  Chaperones will accompany students at all times and conduct nightly room checks. 

Student will be assigned one primary staff member as their small group leader.  This person will get to know the students in his or her group and be with them throughout the trip.  When “free time” is listed on the Itinerary, students will be with their small group exploring the city.  We do this when it is not ideal to travel as a large group.  For example, when we visit a location that has timed entry or lunch we may split into our small groups. 

Student Safety

Box 5 Events takes student safety very seriously.  All adults who are traveling with the students have been background checked.  We follow the same rules and regulations used by Florida School Districts.

Code of Conduct

All Florida Musical Ambassadors must abide by the Code of Conduct while on the trip.  (Click here to view the Code of Conduct


Woodwind and Brass students provide their own instruments, reeds, mutes, etc.  Make arrangements for an instrument with your high school band director if you rent a school instrument during the academic year.

Percussionists are required to bring an array of sticks and mallets.  All percussion instruments will be provided.


Flights are from Orlando International Airport to London and from Paris back to Orlando International.  Flight itineraries are not available as we are too far from the flight date to book.  We will do our best to find a direct flight, but may have a layover.  We have budgeted $1,100 for the flight. If the cost were to exceed $1,100, an additional cost will be applied.

All Transportation is covered from the time students are dropped off in Orlando on the day of departure. Charter buses will transport students to and from our locations.  We also have one overnight ferry from Portsmouth to Caen.  Students will be assigned a cabin and have dinner on the ferry as we cross the English Channel. 

Students are to be picked up at Orlando International Airport following the trip.

Meals Provided

Meals included (typically breakfast and dinner) will be with your small group or the entire ensemble depending on the day’s activities.  Part of international travel is experiencing the food of other cultures.  We do our best to accommodate any student with dietary concerns.  If for some reason there is an issue, we will let you know in advance and come up with a solution to ensure a proper meal is provided.

Meals on Your Own

There are days that students are responsible for one meal on their own, usually lunch. Meals on your own will be listed in the Final Itinerary.  Meals “on your own” means students will pay for their own meal; however, students will be with the group under supervision.  Students will need to bring money to cover these few meals. 

This is a good time to experiment with different food you cannot get in the U.S.  We encourage students to try something new.  We will normally stop at a location that has several options such as a deli, bakery, or grocery store. 

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is important in case of any unforeseen events that may prevent travel abroad or occur during the trip.  We have included this in the trip to ensure your trip investment is protected.  Please click here to read the policy.